Truth in Employment

Does something seem wrong to you when you hear that increasing the minimum wage will make Illinois “less competitive”? When you hear that the organizers who won us the 40-hour work week are no longer needed, despite the fact that many of us are now working 50, 60, 70 hours a week to make ends meet?
How does earning a good wage, and being able to support your family and enjoy your weekends, kill our state’s ability to grow the economy? The conversation has been a little lopsided, to say the least.
Citizens for Truth in Employment are fact-checking ideas and political rhetoric that sound good at first, to make sure they aren’t really hurtful to the 99% (that’s us, and we bet it’s you too).

Your Salary vs. the Average Illinois CEO

How long does it take the average Illinois CEO to make your annual salary? You may be surprised. Enter your estimated annual salary below to find out.